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We’re coming up on many people’s most favorite time of the year: the holiday’s. It’s a time for parties, gatherings, food, family, good cheer, and more food.

And not just any food either. No, it’s the special occasion food; the food you look forward to all year long, and then eat so much of that you don’t want to see it again until next year.

The holidays are not great for everyone however. For many people looking to lose fat, this time of year can be a stress-filled minefield, where one small misstep can send off a chain reaction of massive calorie explosions, essentially killing all progress.

In fact, this time of year can be so stressful for those who want to lose fat, that they just stop trying all together; mailing it until the new year.

If that sounds like you, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

You CAN lose fat during the holidays.

You CAN enjoy holiday dinners, events, and parties, without the stress.

You CAN eat your favorite foods and not worry about derailing your progress.

How you ask? You just need to get a little aggressive…


Aggressive Fat Loss


First off, I don’t recommend aggressive fat loss plans to a majority of my clients, for a few reasons.

One, most people are better off with a moderate approach. This allows them to lose fat at a reasonably decent rate, while helping prevent hunger, and making it easier to keep the weight off

Two, aggressive fat loss plans are not sustainable for long periods of time. The large calorie deficit can make hunger almost unbearable after a while, leading to binge eating, which causes many people to gain back all the weight the lost, if not more.

However, when used properly, an aggressive fat loss plan, can be very effective for helping people lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Here are the characteristics of a good aggressive fat loss plan:


An aggressive, but not overly aggressive deficit

Depending on the program, some aggressive fat loss plans can call for calorie deficits of up to 50%. I don’t care who you are, a 50% calorie deficit is not an aggressive fat loss plan…it’s crash dieting, and crash dieting never ends well.

For my aggressive fat loss plans – after we do an in-depth assessment – I will set most clients deficits between 30-35% below maintenance. If the client has a lot of fat to lose, the more aggressive we can be in the short term.

You really don’t want to go too much more than 35% however, as then you start running into issues that interfere with fat loss, such as lack of energy for completing workouts, trouble sleeping, and debilitating hunger.


A short time frame

You typically don’t want an aggressive fat loss plan running longer than 4-8 weeks, depending on how much fat you have to lose. This is for two reasons…

One, the longer you’re on the plan, the harder it’s going to be to sustain, and the more likely you’re going to be to crash, rebound, and gain back all of the weight you lost, if not more.

Two, eventually you’re going to reach a plateau in your fat loss as your metabolism adjusts (it happens to everyone). When plateaus occur, the first step is usually cutting calories further. When you’re in an aggressive deficit however, cutting more calories normally does more harm than good.


High Protein

Protein is the saving grace of fat loss diets.

First, protein takes more energy for the body to digest than any other macronutrient. Not only does this mean that you expend more calories digesting protein, but it also stays in your stomach longer, which means you stay fuller, longer.

Second, protein is muscle-sparing, which means that it helps us maintain muscle mass. Muscle is important because it helps give your body the lean, sexy shape we’re after, AND it helps keep our metabolisms elevated, allowing us to diet on more calories.


Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a great tool to use with an aggressive fat loss plan. By restricting your feeding window, you’ll get to enjoy larger meals. This is beneficial for aggressive fat loss because you’re already in a larger deficit, so you’ll be taking in fewer calories. Being able to eat larger meals will help you stay full, and reduce your urge to snack or mindlessly eat.

It’s also comes in especially handy during the holidays. On days when you’re going to be eating a big meal, you can simply fast all day before the meal, and go into knowing that you have a lot of calories to use to enjoy your favorite foods.

Intermittent fasting is one of my favorite strategies to use around the holidays.


Aggressive Fat Loss, For You


Each November, I have people coming to me asking what they can do in order to make sure they don’t erase all their progress in these final two months of the year. And while aggressive fat loss plans are a great answer to this questions, they can be tough to implement on your own.

That’s why, this year, I wanted to create a space where anyone looking to lose fat AND be able to fully enjoy their holiday season could come and learn how to do just that…with a little incentive

Introducing, the Aggressive Holiday Fat Loss Challenge

The Aggressive Holiday Fat Loss Challenge – or Challenge as it will henceforth be known – is an 8-week year-end fat loss program designed to not only help you navigate all the troublesome calorie traps the holidays set, but actually lose fat in the process.

And yes, you will be able to have your cake – or pie, or cookies, or whatever – and eat it too.

The Challenge will run from November 14th thru January 8th, so not only will we cover all the holidays, but you’ll get a jump on your New Year’s Resolution as well. No throwing in the towel and waiting until January 1st this year.

Probably the best part is, the Challenge will be a hybrid of group and one-on-one coaching. Everyone will be part of a private Facebook group where we’ll do daily discussions, contests, Q&As, and much more.

Coaching however, will be done on a more one-on-one basis. Everyone will get the same workout template, but modified for what equipment you have, individual nutrition plans with custom macronutrient goals, access to a training app to track your workouts, individual feedback to track progress, and much more.

I’m looking to fill this group with 10 awesome men and 10 awesome women, who want to aggressively slash fat, without the holiday weight gain. These can’t just be any ordinary men and women though. I’m looking for people who are:

  • Willing to give 100% effort and commitment for 2 months
  • Want to make meaningful, healthy changes in their lives
  • Able to follow instructions, and want to learn
  • Committed being active members of the group

If that sounds like you, then I promise you’re going to see great results.

Now, about that incentive I mentioned…

I would hope that slashing tons of fat and getting in great shape would be enough of an incentive on its own, but I’m going to sweeten the pot a little.

This is a challenge after all, so that being said, you got to win something right?

The one man, and one woman, who make the best transformation in the 8 weeks, will receive four months of exclusive coaching in my one-on-one coaching program – a $1,200 value – for free!

That’s right, the winners will receive four months of custom one-on-one coaching, absolutely free. Whatever your goals are for the new year after the Challenge is over, you’ll have four months of free coaching to achieve them.

There’ll be other opportunities to win stuff along the way, but this is the big one folks. I’ve never given away four months of free coaching before, let alone eight, but if it helps you reach your goals, it’s worth it.

So, have I got you attention now? Good.

Here’s what you need to do…

Head on over to this form, fill out your information, and I’ll be in touch with the deets. Like I said the group kicks off November 14th, so you wanna get signed up soon.

Don’t let another holiday season go by waiting until the new year to start getting the body you want. Start now!


Apply for the Aggressive Holiday Fat Loss Challenge and don’t let this holiday season prevent you from reaching your fat loss goals.


I look forward to spending the holidays with you.



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