Jorden’s Supplement Stack Series: The One Supplement You Should Be Taking

“Well, what supplements do you use?”

As a fitness coach and personal trainer, this is probably one of the most common questions I get asked.

Somewhere along the way, the idea that supplements where just that – supplemental – became lost, and people started viewing supplements as necessary to achieve fitness success.

As someone who uses supplements myself, this may come as a shock to you, but supplements are not necessary. You can achieve all the results you want without ever purchasing a tub, bag, or bottle of anything.

So then why do I take them?

Simple…for convenience. They make my life easier.

Notice I didn’t say they make getting results easier. No supplement can ever be taken to replace a proper nutrition plan or training program.

But they can do just what they’re suppose to; supplement it. They can make it easier to hit your macros, fill in nutritional gaps, and provide you with more energy.

So that’s why I’ve put together these mini guides on the supplements that I use and believe carry a lot of benefits. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right for everyone (which I will also cover), but maybe they are right for you and your goals.

Now, let’s get to today’s guide…


Athletic Greens: Nutritional Insurance


A self-described “superfood cocktail”, Athletic Greens is about as close to “necessary” as you can get when it comes to supplements.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…another shitty tasting greens drink to help me get my fruits and veggies right?

Wrong kemosabe. Athletic Greens is far more than “just another greens drink.” And here’s why…

First, one serving – a moderate scoop mixed with water – contains the nutritional equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables. Yeah, 12 servings…

I’m going to be honest here…I’m not a huge veggie lover. Yes I do try to get as many servings in each day as possible, but there just aren’t that many I like. And sometimes I just get lazy.

I know myself; and I know that most days, I’m not going to get in the amount of fruits and veggies that I should. That’s why I take Athletic Greens.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t try and get all your fruits and veggies from actual food…you should. But if you’re like me, and know that it’s going to be a struggle and cause you some additional headache, then Athletic Greens is what you need.

The benefits of this supplement go far beyond just getting your dailys in however.

Err' morning

Err’ morning

Athletic Greens also contains pre and probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, and co-factors to help with digestion and gut health, as well as increase your body’s natural defenses and immune system. Not only that, but it increases the effectiveness of other supplements you take, due to the uptick in digestion.

With Athletic Greens, you’re essential getting a multivitamin, pre and probiotics, antioxidant, and digestive enzyme supplement all in one, thus saving you on the cost of purchasing multiple supplements.

Since I started taking Athletic Greens I’ve not only noticed more energy, but fewer digestive issues, and less colds.


Is It Right For You?


More than likely, yes. There isn’t really anyone I can think of who wouldn’t benefit from taking Athletic Greens.

If you’re looking to purchase one supplement on the market, I’d recommend this one over any protein powder, bar, or pre-workout out there.

It’s that good.


How To Use It


Like I said, just one scoop contains everything you need. Simply mix it with water, or in a shake if you want, and drink. And while most greens supplements taste like hot garbage, Athletic Greens is naturally sweetened for a great flavor.


The Wrap-Up on Athletic Greens


Of all the supplements that I’ve taken in my life, I truly believe that there are none more beneficial for your health than Athletic Greens. When it comes to supplements, it’s certainly rises above the rest. That’s why I recommend it to every single client I work with.

But don’t just take my word for it. If you’re interested in trying this awesome supplement, and experiencing the benefits for yourself, check this out…

AG has a special offer for JPF readers. Right now you can try Athletic Greens and get 50% off on your initial order, plus some other cool freebies.

There’s no other supplement I know of that will do what this product will do for your health. Try it today, and see what all the fuss is about.


Athletic greens

Don’t just take my word for it. Try Athletic Greens now!


Stay tuned next time, as we’ll be talking about one of the coolest supplements on the market today.


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