Weekly Reading Round-Up 1/31

It’s time to train…your brain that is. We are back once again with the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness articles from the past week. We have a variety of great posts this week, covering lots of different topics. I dare say, there is something on this week’s list for everyone.

Let’s get to it!

Best of the Best

How I Quit Weekend Overeating – Krista Scott-Dixon


Best of the Rest

Bodyweight Lies: What the Scale Doesn’t Tell You – Ryan Bergren

Carb Cycling for Fat Loss – Matt Dustin

Why You Should Ban Alcohol on a Fat Loss Diet – Mike Samuels

The Worst Mistake You Can Make – Tanner Baze

10 Ways to Find Time for Fitness – Amy Dix

What’s The Best Rep Range For Building Muscle – Bob Thompson

Rethinking “Senior Fitness”: Maintaining a High Quality of Life – Joe Brigley

Leg Training for Maximal Muscle Growth – Ian Padron

The Truth About Muscle Confusion – Ryan Wood

Interval Training & Fat Loss – James Fell

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