Weekly Reading Round-Up 2/14

Happy Sunday! And more importantly…depending who you ask…Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for love, and I know you’ll love this week’s list of best fitness info. There are 9 great articles for you to check out this week, so make you give them a read.

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Now, let’s get to this week’s list…


Best of the Best

Reverse Dieting for Leanness & Gains – Benjamin Johnson


Best of the Rest

Would I Be Healthier If I Quit Drinking? – Camille DePutter

2 Fat Loss Myths You’re Better Off Believing – Bryan Krahn

The Diet Book No One Will Write – Adam Bornstein

Ready. Mindset. Lift: Mindfulness For Optimal Workouts – Dr. Lisa Lewis

Avoid These 5 Common Gym Mistakes For Faster Results – Ryan Wood

Should You Use Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss? – Jason Helmes

5 Secrets to Successful Fat Loss – Kia Khadem

Chest Training for Maximal Muscle Growth – Ian Padron

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