Weekly Reading Round-Up 2/21

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best health and fitness info on the web. There is so much great content this week, including 2 new posts on the blog, a new guest post, and 12 awesome articles, I’m not gonna waste anymore time blabbing.

Let’s get to it…


New on the Blog

Sleep Your Way to Gains: Part 1 & Part 2


Guest Posts

Ask a Fitness Bro – What’s the Best Exercise to Lose Fat, and Other Common Fitness Questions – BroBible


Best of the Best

Can Eating Too Little Actually Damage Your Metabolism? – Brian St. Pierre


Best of the Rest

This is Why You Get Fat Eating Healthy – Mike Samuels

4 Weeks to Bigger Biceps – Bob Thompson

How to Use Cardio to Maximize Your Muscle: The Essential Guide – Ryan Bergren

The Key to Success Mindset – Eric Bach

Shoulder Training for Maximum Muscle Growth – Ian Padron

What Overtraining Is and Isn’t – Christian Thibaudeau

On Information Overload, the Things That Matter, and How to Simplify Your Fitness – Slyvon Blanco

11 Principles for Success and a Kick Ass Life – Tommy Baker

The Most Common Characteristics of Successful Dieters – Jason Helmes

5 Ways to Sneak Extra Protein Into Your Diet – Mike Gorski

7 Steps to Build Habits of Steel: Fat Loss Edition – Brain Compton



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