December 15, 2015

Your New Year’s Resolution Blueprint

It’s almost that time of year again; a time to eat, drink, and be merry. But mostly eat and drink. And once December 26th rolls around, the ham and pie haze starts to lift, and we set our sights on the new year. Most view it as a new beginning; a chance to start fresh. They see it as a chance to improve themselves from last year. And for many, that improvement comes in the form of their health.
December 13, 2015

Weekly Reading Round-Up 12/13

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best health and fitness articles from the past week. We have a huge list this week so I’m gonna stop babbling and get right to it.   Best of the Best Fitness Traps to Avoid: Stupid Social Norms – Jason Helmes
December 6, 2015

Weekly Reading Round-Up 12/6

Happy Sunday, and welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness articles of the week. We have 10 awesome  articles for your reading pleasure today. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.   Best of the Best Your Diet Isn’t the Problem – You Are – Amy Dix Great article here! Too often when something doesn’t work we are quick to blame factors other than ourselves, like the diet plan, training program, or our coach. The reality is however, more often than not, we are the ones to blame for our failures. The plan isn’t faulty, our execution is. In this article on JMax Fitness, Amy talks about the reasons behind why people struggle to get results on perfectly good plans.   Best of the Rest How to Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger – Tim Berzins How to Avoid Holiday Fat Gain Without Counting Calories – Jason Helmes 2 Squat Cues That Pretty Much Work For Everyone – Tony Gentilcore Weekly Meal Prep: Mastered – Dr. John Berardi 6 Ways to Sprint Like a Champ – Simen Rise Aaslund Why Fad Diets Work in the Short-Term But Fail Miserably in the Long-Term – Dr. Peter Fitschen The Dangers of Today’s Female Fitness Industry – Meghan Callaway Common Injury Sites and Clever Workarounds: Part 1 & Part 2 – Travis Pollen & Eric Bach  
November 29, 2015

Weekly Reading Round-Up 11/29

Time again for another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best health and fitness articles of the week. We have 10 great articles for your reading please this week. Let’s check ’em out… Best of the Best The Quick & Dirty Fat Loss Method – Steve Hall   Best of the Rest Got Knee Pain? Fix Your Tracking in the Squat and Lunge – Dr. John Rusin Exercise Is Not a Punishment For Eating – Nia Shanks Most People Have No Clue How Many Calories They Expend Exercising – Dr. Arya Sharma Sumo and Conventional Deadlift (everything you need to know) – Adam Pine Prevent 45% of Soft-Tissue Injuries with Accentuated Eccentric Training – Dr. Mario Novo 5 Fake Health Foods That Sabotage Fat Loss – Megan Ware The New Science of Time Under Tension – Brad Schoenfeld 5 Mobility Exercises You’ve Probably Never Done, But Should – Dean Somerset 6 Healthy Habits You’re Already Doing (and don’t even know it) – Dr. John Berardi
November 22, 2015

Weekly Reading Round-Up 11/22

¡Buenos Dias! Good morning from the sunny beaches of Punta de Mita, Mexico. After a one week hiatus we are back with another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, with ten great articles for your reading pleasure. Before we get to the list I just want to mention that in tomorrow’s newsletter I will be sending out a free muscle-building vacation workout. Vacations usually mean extra calories so I will be sharing with you the exact program I am using to enjoy my vacation, build muscle and not worry about fat gain. You can sign up for the JPF Newsletter here. Now let’s get to this weeks list…   Best of the Best How Lifting Help Me Get Engaged – Alex Bonvechio   Best of the Rest Nutrition Advice to Turn You Into a Strength Training Animal – Nicole DeMicco 5 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Squat – Paul Carter What Should You Do If You’re Not ” Naturally Lean”? – Jason Helmes Fix Your Nutrition: 4 Ways to Make Your Food Work For You – John Craven Training for Strength? The Top 3 Rep Schemes You Should Be Using – Eric Bach Natural Treatments for the Most Common Medical Problems – Dr. John Berardi & Dr. Spencer Nadolsky How to Improve Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups From the Ground – Tony Gentilcore How I Lost My Mojo (& Got It Back) – John Romaniello Synergizing Training & Nutritional Sciences For Maximal Muscle Growth – Dr. John Rusin    
November 8, 2015

Weekly Reading Round-Up 11/8

Time now once again for the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best health and fitness articles from around the web. Let’s get right to this weeks list…   Best of the Best The 10 Best Fitness Articles of All Time – Jason Helmes I feel it’s only right to put an article outlining the best fitness articles of all time as this week’s Best of the Best. My buddy Jason went through the process of picking the 10 best articles out of all the articles ever published. Like Jason says, if you haven’t read these articles, make time and do so.   Best of the Rest Mind-Muscle Connection: Harnessing Modern Midichlorians for Ultimate Gains – Robbie Farlow 8 Accessory Exercises For a Better Physique – Mason Woodruff 20 Frustrated Fitness Thoughts – Tony Bonvechio Self-Destructive Tendencies – Tanner Baze Lifting Speed: The Biggest Mistakes In Training – Eric Bach 3 Types of People Who Should Recomp – John Fawkes The Deadlift: Beginner Basics – Tony Gentilcore 5 Things We Can Learn From Arnold About Building Muscle – Bret Contreras & Brad Schoenfeld