Hidden Factors Affecting Your Fat Loss


On the surface, fat loss doesn’t seem that complicated. Create an energy deficit by eating fewer calories than you burn, add in some exercise (preferably resistance training), and BOOM, fat loss!

And this formula will work for a while, but usually not forever. Eventually you may find yourself struggling to lose those last few pounds of fat. And no amount of exercise or diet restriction seems to help.

That’s because there is A LOT more that goes into fat loss than just diet and exercise. While on the surface it may seem like that is all that goes into it, there is actually a lot more going on under the surface (literally) that affects your fat loss efforts.

I’m talking about hormones.

Hormones & Fat Loss

There are a number of hormones that affect fat loss, but some of the main ones are:

  • Cortisol
  • Growth Hormone
  • T3 & T4
  • Leptin
  • Insulin

When trying to lose fat, our training , diet, and lifestyle habits all affect how these hormones operate in our bodies.

For example, cortisol is produced by the body in times of stress, and this stress includes dieting. The more you diet, the more cortisol is produced. To combat the production of cortisol, you need to increase the body’s production of growth hormone. Cortisol works to breakdown muscle and store fat, while GH does the opposite.

Similarly, your diet plays a large role in how these hormones work. Dieting affects your metabolism. The more fat you lose, the more your levels of T3, T4, and leptin are reduced, and the more your metabolic rate decreases.

Leptin is particularly important because not only does it affect your metabolism, but it is also directly responsible for feelings of hunger. And since leptin is produced in the fat cells, the more fat you lose, the lower your leptin levels will be.

Lastly, insulin plays an important role in fat loss as well. While the vilification of insulin by the low-carb zealots as the primary reason we are fat is largely overblown, insulin management IS important for fat loss.

Insulin basically works as a storage hormone, telling the body whether the food we eat will be shuttled to the muscles as fuel, or to fat cells as storage. The release of insulin is directly related to what food we eat. Carbohydrates are the most insulinogenic, meaning they promote the release of insulin more than any other food. And the more processed and refined (see: sugary) these carbs are, the more insulin gets released.

The problem occurs when you eat a lot of these carbs, your body releases more insulin than you need, making you insulin resistance. This means that you are more likely to store the nutrients you eat as fat. On the other side, if your diet is low in highly processed carbohydrates, your body will be more efficient at producing insulin, thus increasing your insulin sensitivity. When you are more sensitive to insulin, the nutrients you eat are more likely to be sent to the muscles for fuel.

So you may be wondering how we manage these hormones for optimal fat loss. The key is the mix of specific training methods, proper nutrition protocols, and lifestyle habits.

Fortunately, my friend John Romaniello knows just the right mix of these, all of which he details in his new product, the Omega Body Blueprint, which specifically focuses on hormone optimization for fat loss.


In the OBB, Roman discuss each of these hormones (plus others) in detail, including their role in the fat loss process, and how to make them work in your favor. I just picked up my copy yesterday, read through it last night, and was blown away; not only by the detail in which John explains how these hormones affect fat loss, but how to manipulate them for your benefit.

I have done a number of John’s programs before and have always enjoyed them. His workouts are not only efficient and effective, but they are also fun, challenging, and will keep you looking forward to your next training day! The Omega Body Blueprint is no different.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I do not promote products often. The simple reason is most products are crap. So when I do promote something it’s because I have reviewed it and 1,000% believe in the product and its creator…and John’s OBB fits that criteria to a tee.

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