Weekly Reading Round-Up 10/16

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Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness info on the web. We have another great list this week, so let’s check it out…


New on the Blog

Jorden’s Guide to Gains – The Best Chest Exercises


Best of the Best

A Guide to Exercise Selection When You Don’t Have Access to a Coach – Kengo & Naoto of Rippedbody.jp


Best of the Rest

Traps and Abs: Who Wins in a Fight? – Alex Mullan

5 Reasons We Struggle to Get In Shape & How to Deal With Them – JC Deen

Why Your Weight Fluctuates – Jen Comas

Quick Workout Templates for Busy People – Ryan Bergren

Top 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Painful Lower Back – Nick Rosencutter

No-Gym Workouts: How to Get Ripped Without a Membership – Demmy James

The Lost Training Method – Glenn Pendlay

7 Nutrition Rules That Will Help You Shed Fat, Build Muscle, and Diet More Effectively – Tanner Baze

The Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural Lifters – Christian Thibaudeau

4 Knee Friendly Exercises for Athletic and Strong Legs – Ryan Wood

The Case for Getting Lean Before Bulking Up – David de la Morenas

Is Overeating Our Way of “Checking Out”? – Jason Helmes

The Powerful Perfectionist – Lisa Lewis



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