Weekly Reading Round-Up 10/2

Welcome to a 2-week edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness info on the web. We have a big, big list this week, so let’s get right to it…


Best of the Best

How to Implement a Practical Weight Loss Plan – JC Deen


Best of the Rest

Your Calorie Tracker May Be Busting Your Body Comp – Amy Dix

Should You Really Be Taking Creatine? – Joey Percia

Linear Periodization Done Right – Adam Fisher

The Ultimate Guide to Dining Out and Not Blowing Your Diet – Carter Good

Fitness Training Simplified to 100 Words – Eric Bach

6 Best Exercises for Strength – Mike Robertson

5 Ways to Love Your Body at Every Size and Every Number – Sarah Doyle

How to Become a Real-Life, Comic-Book Superhero – Jason Helmes

The Smartest Way to Squat to Save Your Spine – Alex Nurse

The Best Advice for Women Who Lift – T-Nation

5 Ways to Fire Up Your Workout – Charles Staley

D&D: A How to Guide for Drinking and Dieting – Ryan Bergren

The Easiest Way to Significantly Boost Your Metabolism – Steve Hall

High End Rewards for High Intensity Training – Amy Dix

The Truth About Cravings, Consistency, and Fat Loss – Ryan Wood

10 Movements for Explosive Power – Wil Fleming


‘Must Reads’ of the Week

Don’t Let This One Simple Thing Hold You Back From Achieving Your Dreams – Chris Coulson

33 Ways To Be An Insanely Productive, Happy Balanced Person – Ryan Holiday

“You’re An Asshole” – Mike Vacanti



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