Weekly Reading Round-Up 11/13

It’s time yet again for another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness info from around the web. Let’s get right to it, and check out this week’s list of great articles…


New on the Blog

Aggressive Fat Loss


Best of the Best

Mindful Eating: The Lost Practice of Humanity – Justin Janoska


Best of the Rest

5 Bodybuilding Lies You Probably Believe – Ian Padron

Stop the Endless Foam Rolling and Cardio to Warm Up! – Andy Van Grinsven

What is Maximal Recoverable Volume: Part 1 – Steve Hall

Testosterone, Body Composition, and Sex – Jade Teta

3 Requirements for Getting Fit (That No One Told You About) – Nick Sorrell

The Most Important Lesson From Lifting – T-Nation

7 Universal Laws of Success I Learned From Business Coaching – Robbie Farlow

Bodybuilding 101: 5 Lessons from Golden Era Greats – Alex Mullan

The 5-Exercise Thoracic Spine Mobility Fix – Chris Cooper

Intensification Techniques: The Ultimate Guide – Alex Mullan



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