Weekly Reading Round-Up 1/22

It’s time once again for your weekly dose of fitness knowledge with the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best heath and fitness info from around the web. We have a big list this week, so grab a cup of coffee, or bourbon if morning drinking is your thing, and check it out…


New on the Blog

Ab Training Done Right


Best of the Best

Why Low-Carb Diets Suck – James Fell


Best of the Rest

10 Steadfast Lifting Rules to Build More Muscle and Improve Strength – Ryan Wood

Body-Part Splits Are Dead – Andy Van Grinsven

Hi, My Name is Leslie, and I’m an Emotional Eater – Leslie Hooper

Better Posture, Injury Prevention, and Building the V-Taper – Adam Bornstein

Don’t Stress About the Small Stuff – Peter Fitschen

The Primer Phase – Practical Application – Steve Hall

Use Super Sets to Improve Your Mobility & Train Without Pain – Chris Cooper

If You Want Bigger Arms: Squat – George Kalantzis

6 Ways Not Eating Enough Can Stop Your Weight Loss – Mike Samuels

How to Escape the Diet Cycle Nightmare – Kara Beutel


‘Must Reads’ of the Week

Chaos, Your Death Drive, & Fighting Thanos – Robbie Farlow



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