Weekly Reading Round-Up 12/4

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time once again for another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness info from around the web this week. We got a great list for you this week, so let’s check it out…


New on the Blog

Testosterone 201: Treating Low Testosterone


Best of the Best

You’re Fat and Out of Shape: Where to Start? What to Do? – Charles Staley


Best of the Rest

Go Beyond the Squat to Build A Powerful Lower Body – Joey Percia

6 Exercises for a Strong, Health Butt – John Rusin

Top 5 Deadlift Variations to Train Around Lower Back Pain – Russell Manalastas

The Ultimate Guide to Landmine Presses – Nick Tumminello

Old School Lifting Techniques to Build Maximum Muscle (With Maximum Fun) – Amy Dix

Progressing as an Intermediate Bodybuilder; 5 Key Lessons – Steve Hall

28 Things About Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat, and Building Strength I’ve Learned in 28 Years – Ryan Wood

Less is Not More: The Myth of the Exercise “Sweet Spot” – James Fell

7 Common Fat Loss Mistakes I Made and You Make – Robbie Farlow

The Dirty Truth to Finally Seeing Your Abs – Nick Sorrell



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