Weekly Reading Round-Up 1/29

Welcome, dear reader, to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up; a collection of the best fitness info from around the web. This week’s list, I have to say, maybe the best we’ve ever had; including a must-read ‘Best of the Best’.

Let’s check it out…


New on the Blog

What is the ‘Power Look’ & Why You Want It <——- Free program inside!


New Guest Posts

Bodybuilder’s Arm Workout via AskMen


Best of the Best

Why the “Pause-Button Mentality” is Ruining Your Health and Fitness – John Berardi


Best of the Rest

8 Sneaky Reasons You’re a Fat Loss Failure – Bryan Krahn

How to Train: Prime for Muscle Growth – Steve Hall

The Very Best Way to Build Your Chest – T-Nation

Build More Muscle With 5 Stolen Lessons From Powerlifting – Alex Mullan

6 Staple Movements for Bigger, Healthier Shoulders – John Rusin

Maybe Less Isn’t More – Kourtney Thomas

How to Lose Fat: The Complete Guide – Matt Dustin

6 Foundational Movements That Every Person on Earth Needs to Master – John Rusin

Weight Loss Isn’t a Race – Dean Somerset

How to Get Absolutely Jacked With the Power Clean – Eric Bach

Want to Lose More Fat? Build Lean Muscle – Ben Johnson

Master the Single Leg RDL & Hip Hinge – Joel Seedman



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