Weekly Reading Round-Up 4/2

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness info from around the web. In case you couldn’t guess, we have another great list of articles to check out this week; so let’s check them out…


Best of the Best

The Mystery of Squat Form: How Low Should You Really Go? – Adam Bornstein


Best of the Rest

How to Get In Shape With a Busy Schedule – Matt Dustin

6.5 Strategies to Melt Fat Without Counting Calories – Tanner Baze

How to Design Your Own Strength Training Program Like a Pro – Mason Woodruff

Foam Rolling: This Is How We Roll – Nicholas Licameli

Maybe Your Shoulder Hurts Because Your Technique Sucks – Tony Gentilcore

5 Ways to Unlock Your True Strength Potential – John Rusin

This Is Why You’re Not Jacked – Eric Bach

7 Secrets to A Successful MASSing Season – Alex Mullan

5 Best Loading Schemes for Size & Strength – Christian Thibaudeau



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