Weekly Reading Round-Up 5/1

Welcome to another Sunday and another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness info from around the web. We have a hugely massive list this week, so let’s get right to it.

New on the Blog

52 Tips of Fat Loss, Muscle-Building, and All-Around Awesomeness


New Guest Posts

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Loaded Carries via BroBible

Row to Grow, Bro: 8 Rowing Variations to Help You Build a Strong, Massive Back via BroBible


Best of the Best

You Are More Than Your Body (Fat) – Neghar Fonooni


Best of the Rest

How to Build Muscle on Vacation – Eric Johnson

Should You Bulk, Diet, or Recomp: Troubleshooting Your Physique – Adam Ali

How to Burn Fat While Still Enjoying Your Weekend – Mitch Heaslip

3(ish) Things They Don’t Tell You About Losing 100 Pounds – Nick Sorrell

7.5 Forms of Cardio to Shred Fat, Become More Athletic, and Crush Life – Tanner Baze

The Power of the Hip Hinge – Tony Gentilcore

The Only Way to Go is Up: The Problem With Undereating – Jen Comas

How to Stay in Shape While Traveling (Without Being Obsessive) – Nate Green

An Open Letter to the Husbands and Boyfriends of Petite Females – Jason Helmes

The End of Static Stretching to Improve Hip Mobility – Dr. Zach Long

The Top 3 Fat Loss Skills You Need to Develop – Tanner Baze

Stop Mindlessly Foam Rolling Like a Jackass – Dr. John Rusin


‘Must Reads’ of the Week

Why Meal Plans Suck – Joey Percia

Why You Should Be an Onion: Battling the Status Quo – Robbie Farlow


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