Weekly Reading Round-Up 6/19

Hey all, welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness info from across the web. We have a massive list full of great content this week, so let’s get right to it…

New on the Blog

An Alcoholic Guide to Drinking for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Life


Best of the Best

Create the Perfect Meal With This Simple 5-Step Guide – John Berardi, Precision Nutrition


Best of the Rest

Dear Lisa, Don’t Quit – Mike Vacanti

3 Master Principles for Older Lifters – Charles Staley

Are the Suburbs Making You Soft – Jason Helmes

The Difference Between Good and Bad Stiffness – Tony Gentilcore

This is the Definitive Guide to Micronutrients – Matt Daley

How to Approach Flexible Dieting for Obese Clients – Mike Samuels

How to (Really) Engage Your Glutes When You Squat – Alain Gonzalez

Are Maintenance Phases the Missing Link in Your Fat Loss Success? – Ryan Wood

Why Hamstring Training is the Key to Lower Body Development – Alex Mullan

The 10 Deadlift Commandments – Joey Percia


‘Must Reads’ of the Week

29 Pieces of Life Changing Advice I Collected By My 29th Birthday – Ryan Holiday

5 Questions to Step Into Your Daily Power – Tommy Baker


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