Weekly Reading Round-Up 7/31

Happy Sunday, and welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness info from around the web. We have a MASSIVE list for you this week, with some awesome and informative articles.

Let’s get to it…


Best of the Best

A Message From the Department of Redundancy Department – Tanner Baze


Best of the Rest

Know Thyself: 5 Fitness to Help You Become The One – Claudio Espinoza

The Ultimate Guide to Counting Macros Like a Pro – Chris Coulson

Your Golden Ticket Fat Loss – Mitch Calvert

Willpower is Not the Answer to Sustainable Weight Loss – Sohee Lee

Even More Reasons Why Athletes Should Eat Carbs – Travis Hansen

7 Things I Learned Getting to 10% Body Fat – Ryan Wood

The Forgotten, Often Overlooked Cause of Low Back Pain – Tony Gentilcore

The Definitive Guide to Estimating Macros – Steve Hall

13 Training Tips to Relieve Knee Pain – Eric Bach

6-Packs and 6-Packs: How to Get Shredded Without Giving Up Your Booze – Jason Helmes

The Importance of Foreplay – Tanner Baze


‘Must Reads’ of the Week

Amor Fati: Learning to Love and Accept Everything That Happens – Ryan Holiday

Tomatoes, Struggles With Self-Doubt, and Entrepreneurship – Robbie Farlow



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