Weekly Reading Round-Up 8/21

Aaaaaand, we’re back! It’s been a busy last week, with not a lot of contact with the internet world. Because of that, last week’s Reading Round-Up was delayed a bit. But fear not; today’s list of best fitness info contains not one, but two weeks worth of information-packed articles. This week’s list is huge, but I guess when you miss a week, that’s gonna happen.

Let’s check it out…


New Guest Posts

Beyond the Farmer’s Walk via T-Nation

The 10 Best Muscle Building Exercises: Shoulder Edition via BroBible


Best of the Best

The Ketogenic Diet: Does It Live Up to the Hype? – Krista Scott-Dixon and Hellen Kolas


Best of the Rest

This Week

The Pecification of Pecs – Tony Gentilcore

Which Barbell Squat Variation is Optimal for You? – Michael Mash

Strong Traps, Healthy Shoulders – Tony Gentilcore

The 3 Step Progressive Overload Scheme – Steve Hall

5 Fitness Myths Killing Your Fat Loss Progress – Ryan Wood

3 Muscle Building Supplements You Need to Be Taking – Bruce Kuster

Training to Look Better, Feel Better, and Fuck Better – Part 1 – Jason Helmes

10 Forgotten Steps to Successful Fat Loss – Alex Mullan

An Ode to the Early Riser – Why and How to Start Waking Up Earlier – Tanner Baze

The Fit Chick Reality – Alexander Cortes

Last Week

3 Quick Fitness Principles Every Beginner Should Master – Jay Scott

Stress: The Most Misjudged Threat to Your Health – Justin Janoska

6 Fat Loss Mistakes You Always Make – Mitch Calvert

Eating Too Much? You Can Blame Your Brain – Brian St. Pierre

Your Warm-Up Doesn’t Need to Be That Complicated – Greg Nuckols

Carbohydrate Candor: Part 1 & Part 2 – Tanner Baze


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