Weekly Reading Round-Up 11/1

It’s time once again for the Weekly Reading Round-Up; a list of the best health and fitness articles of the week. We have 10 great articles for this week, plus a new blog post for you to check out!


New on the Blog

Lean Habits: 12 Tips to Help You Achieve & Maintain a Lean Physique

I reached to 11 different trainers and coaches to pick their brains about what it takes to not only achieve, but maintain a lean physique. This articles provides you will 12 different tips you can start implementing today in order to get the body you’ve always wanted.


Best of the Best

Scientists Just Found Out That Red Meat Causes Cancer…Or Did They? – Kamal Patel

Due to the “big finding” this week that processed and red meats supposedly cause cancer, I feel that it’s important everyone read this article on Examine.com.

The biggest thing to remember is that correlation does not equal causation, and just because someone does one thing doesn’t mean it is directly linked to a certain outcome, especially something as complex as cancer.


Best of the Rest

Fit After 40: The Pros Weigh in on Surviving and Thriving – Amy Dix

The ‘Get Shredded Series’ Part 3 – Sleep – Stephen Hall

5 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle – Garrett Hayden

Exercise Variety is Making You Weak – Tony Gentilcore

Why I Dislike the American Kettlebell Swing – Tony Gentilcore

How to Win or Lose at Mid-Life – Bryan Krahn

What Matters Most in the Sugar Debate – James Fell

5 Ways We Sabotage Success With Cognitive Biases – Tanner Baze

50 Ways to Improve Your Health Today – Mason Woodruff

The Key for Progress: Recognizing and Overcoming Laziness – Greg Nuckols


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