Weekly Reading Round-Up 11/29

Time again for another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best health and fitness articles of the week. We have 10 great articles for your reading please this week.

Let’s check ’em out…

Best of the Best

The Quick & Dirty Fat Loss Method – Steve Hall


Best of the Rest

Got Knee Pain? Fix Your Tracking in the Squat and Lunge – Dr. John Rusin

Exercise Is Not a Punishment For Eating – Nia Shanks

Most People Have No Clue How Many Calories They Expend Exercising – Dr. Arya Sharma

Sumo and Conventional Deadlift (everything you need to know) – Adam Pine

Prevent 45% of Soft-Tissue Injuries with Accentuated Eccentric Training – Dr. Mario Novo

5 Fake Health Foods That Sabotage Fat Loss – Megan Ware

The New Science of Time Under Tension – Brad Schoenfeld

5 Mobility Exercises You’ve Probably Never Done, But Should – Dean Somerset

6 Healthy Habits You’re Already Doing (and don’t even know it) – Dr. John Berardi

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