Weekly Reading Round-Up 12/13

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best health and fitness articles from the past week.

We have a huge list this week so I’m gonna stop babbling and get right to it.


Best of the Best

Fitness Traps to Avoid: Stupid Social Norms – Jason Helmes

Best of the Rest

Are You Sabotaging Your Testosterone Levels? – Mike Kneuer

What Happens If You Hit Your Fat Loss Goal and Hate it? – John Romaniello

Shut Up and Get Strong – Eric Bach

Fix Your Posture With This Shoulder Specific Dynamic Warm Up – Dr. John Rusin

Increase Athleticism in 6 Minutes – Bret Contreras

5 Kickass Strategies to Hack Your Behavior – Tanner Baze

5 Underrated Exercises You Need – Tommy Baker w/ Pieter Vodden, Red Sullivan, Eric Bach, & Ben Johnson

3 Squat Variations You Haven’t Tried Yet, But Need To – Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake

The 5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes – Will Davis

Constructing the Ultimate Deadlift Workout. Your 3 Step Guide – Jordan Syatt

WTF is “IIFYM” – A Beginners Guide to Flexible Dieting – Slyvon Blanco

Why ‘Clean Eating’ is Bad For You – Dr. James Heathers


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