Weekly Reading Round-Up 12/20

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up. We have several great articles this week, including two new blog posts, so let’s check them out!


New Articles

Your New Year’s Resolution Blueprint

The One Thing You Need to Reach All of Your Fitness Goals (via Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting


Best of the Best

Workout Plans: Which Program is Right For You? – JC Deen


Best of the Rest

Is Plyometric Training Causing Knee Injuries – Dr. Greg Schaible

3 Exercises That Kill Your Knees – Dr. John Rusin

To Epiphany and Beyond! Find Your “Why” of Weight Loss – James Fell

4 Weeks to a Stronger Deadlift – Ryan Wood

The Big Picture of Healthy Weight Loss – Amy Dix


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