Weekly Reading Round-Up 12/6

Happy Sunday, and welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness articles of the week. We have 10 awesome  articles for your reading pleasure today. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.


Best of the Best

Your Diet Isn’t the Problem – You Are – Amy Dix

Great article here! Too often when something doesn’t work we are quick to blame factors other than ourselves, like the diet plan, training program, or our coach. The reality is however, more often than not, we are the ones to blame for our failures. The plan isn’t faulty, our execution is.

In this article on JMax Fitness, Amy talks about the reasons behind why people struggle to get results on perfectly good plans.


Best of the Rest

How to Get Stronger Without Getting Bigger – Tim Berzins

How to Avoid Holiday Fat Gain Without Counting Calories – Jason Helmes

2 Squat Cues That Pretty Much Work For Everyone – Tony Gentilcore

Weekly Meal Prep: Mastered – Dr. John Berardi

6 Ways to Sprint Like a Champ – Simen Rise Aaslund

Why Fad Diets Work in the Short-Term But Fail Miserably in the Long-Term – Dr. Peter Fitschen

The Dangers of Today’s Female Fitness Industry – Meghan Callaway

Common Injury Sites and Clever Workarounds: Part 1 & Part 2 – Travis Pollen & Eric Bach


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