Weekly Reading Round-Up 1/3

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the last few weeks have been as enjoyable for you as they have been for me. But the new year is now upon us and it’s time to start making 2016 the best it can be!

Before we get into this week’s list of best fitness info, I just want to remind everyone that today is the last day to one FREE month of one-on-one coaching. Anyone who applies for my program before midnight tonight will get an extra month added to their plan at no additional charge. Head on over to the coaching page to learn more.

Now, let’s get to this weeks list. We have 8 great articles and 1 new blog post for your reading pleasure. Enjoy…

New on the Blog

New Year’s Reflections


Best of the Best

New Year’s Resolutioners Need Help, Not Hate – Jason Helmes


Best of the Rest

26 Lessons by 26 – Sohee Lee

A Fitness-Focused New Year’s Resolution That’s Worth Making – Dr. John Berardi

Cardio for Meatheads – Shane McLean

Why You Should Give A Crap About Tempo – Mike Samuels

Full Guide: Alcohol & Fitness – Steve Hall

Why Front Squats Are the Most Underrated Exercise Around – Eric Bach

What People Really Mean When They Want to Detox – Amy Dix


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