Weekly Reading Round-Up 2/28

Happy Sunday from Austin, TX. I’m down here with the RFS Mastermind crew chillin’, eating BBQ, making some brain gainz, and of course training.

And speaking of of training, we had the incredible opportunity to tour and train at Onnit headquarters. We got to check out their facility and went through a grueling training session courtesy of their coaches.


We also got the opportunity to talk products. And I’ve been a Onnit fan for a while, but having the opportunity to talk shop with the people working directly to create these awesome products was a really cool experience.

If you’ve never checked out Onnit’s amazing line of high-quality products, I recommend doing so ASAP.

Now, let’s get to this week’s list of best fitness info…


Guest Posts

Total Body vs. Split Routine Workouts: Which is More Effective? via BroBible


Best of the Best

11 Fat-Blasting, Metabolism-Boosting, Gift-From-God Foods You Must Start Eating Immediately to Get Ripped – Mike Vacanti

Best of the Rest

How Many Calories Should You Consume During a Deload – Steve Hall

9 of the Best Lifting Tips to Maximize Strength and Minimize Injury – Ryan Wood

Understanding Mobility – Dean Somerset

How to Develop Rotational Power – Kennet Waale

4 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Bench – Rob King

5 Strategies for Healthy Shoulders – Tony Gentilcore

How to Get Stronger: 5 Rules That Make All the Difference – Lee Boyce

Don’t Start a Detox: 3 Things to Do Instead – Benjamin Johnson



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