Weekly Reading Round-Up 4/3

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Reading Round-Up, a collection of the best fitness articles on the interwebz from the past week. Today’s list contains 16 great articles, including a new blog post, a new guest post, three ‘Must Reads’, and eleven knowledge-packed health and fitness articles for you to check out.

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Now, onto the list…

New on the Blog – Las Vegas Luck


New Guest Posts

The 5 Most Important Rules of Strength Training Programs via BroBible


Best of the Best

How to Make Money in Fitness (What Your Professors Didn’t Tell You in College) – Joey Percia


Best of the Rest

4 Exercises You Should Do to Build a Bigger Back – Tanner Baze

How to Stay Fit (and Avoid Fat Gain) While Traveling – Slyvon Blanco

4 Easy Ways to Fix Shoulder Pain – Alex Nurse

5 Unforgivable Muscle Building Workout Mistakes Beginners Make – Steve Hall

Strength Workouts for Fat Loss: 4 Important Keys for Strength and Fat Loss – Ryan Wood

Exercises You Should be Doing: 1-Arm Bottoms-Up Anything – Tony Gentilcore

The 7 New Rules of Lifting – Christian Thibaudeau

How to Disaster Proof Your Diet – Ryan Bergren

How to Drink Without Compromising Your Progress – John Romaniello

Strength Gains are Not Linear – Sohee Lee


‘Must Reads’ of the Week

Lessons From My First Year as an Entrepreneur – Robbie Farlow

The Morning Routine for Badasses – Tommy Baker

Defining Success on Your Terms – Dean Somerset


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