Weekly Reading Round-Up 9/21

Time for another addition of the weekly reading round-up! This weeks list contains 11 great articles from many familiar faces. Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite!

Weekly Reading Round-Up


Best of the Best


There’s Always More to Say: Tattoos, Semicolons, and Suicidal Depression – John Romaniello

This week’s best article isn’t necessarily fitness related, but it was far and away the best thing I read on the internet this week and I think everyone can take something from it.

Having had a few people close to me battle with, and continue to battle with depression, John’s article really hit home. Chances are, someone in your life struggles with depression, whether you know it or not. Most of us probably feel depressed sometimes, but that differs drastically from those suffering from true depression.

Unless you live with depression, it’s truly difficult to know exactly what those people are going through. John does a great job of explaining just how difficult it can be.


Best of the Rest


The Truth About Net Carbs – Dr. John Rusin & Mike Gorski

The ONE Thing to Improve Your Health – Mason Woodruff

The Unspoken Truth About Online Fitness – Tanner Baze

34 Things Learned from 20 Years of Lifting – Part 1 – Dean Somerset

Does Size Matter? – Bryan Krahn

12 Life Changing Lessons My Dad Taught Me – Mike Vacanti

Strength Training Tricks: What Works – Travis Pollen

Gym Etiquette 101 – James Fell

Get Gung Ho About Fitness – James Fell

How to Beat Hunger – Jason Helmes


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