Weekly Reading Round-Up 9/27

Time for another addition of the weekly reading round-up! This weeks list contains 12 great articles from some of my favorite coaches, and some new ones. Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite!

Weekly Reading Round-Up

Best of the Best

Complete Core Training: Be Better Than the Crunch – Meghan Callaway

Every time I see someone doing crunches, I die a little inside. Your core (and not just your abs) is vital for total body strength, performance, and health. So why then do most people perform their core training as an afterthought, throwing it in at the end of their training session, or on an off day?

In this article, Megan Callaway breaks down why proper core training is so important and gives you a plan on how to build a rock solid midsection.


Best of the Rest

The Big Fat Faux Pas – Mike Samuels

How to Overcome the Busy Trap – Eric Bach

29 Gym Tips For Better Gym Etiquette – Shane Mclean

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Nutrition Scams – Peter Fitschen

Pull-Ups: You’re Doing Them Wrong – Lee Boyce

Advanced Training: Max-Growth Cluster Sets – Christian Thibaudeau

6 Grip Tips to Build More Muscle – Nick Tumminello

How to Get More Protein In Your Diet – Sohee Lee

How to Start Flexible Dieting – Steve Hall

Lessons In Sleep Deprivation – Adam Ali

7 Things All Athletes Need to Do – Chad Wesley Smith

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