Weekly Reading Round-Up 9/6

Each week, I will search the internet for the best articles having to do with fat loss, gaining muscle, building strength, diet & nutrition, and general health.

Part of my goal as a coach and trainer is education. That is why I want to provide YOU with access to the best fitness info on the net.

Let’s get to it!

Weekly Reading Round-Up

How to Save Calories On a Diet – Jason Helmes

The Coach & Client Disconnect – Steve Hall

Ask the Experts: How Do You Get Big Shoulders – Jason Maxwell

How to Stay (Or Get Back Into) Shape – Bryan Krahn

Training Essentialism: What Every Workout Needs – Eric Bach

Stimulate or Annihilate Muscle: Which Is Better? – Tony Gentilcore

The Smart Lifters Guide to Rest Periods – Scott Abel

The Definitive Full-Body Workout Guide: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What’s Best – Mike Matthews

You’re Not In Starvation Mode – Amy Dix

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