Hey there guys and gals! My name is Jorden Pagel. I am a fitness coach and writer occupying this little corner of the interwebz. I live in Wisconsin, so naturally that means I am a die-hard fan of the Packers, Badgers and Brewers. When I’m not working out, reading about fitness, or writing about fitness, I like to spend my free time watching TV (Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, you know, the good stuff) while enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s, or being outside…when its not freezing of course!

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Jorden Pagel Fitness

If you told me at any point during my first 24 years of life that one day I would be starting a business aimed at helping people achieve their fitness goals, I would have laughed in your face. In fact it was only recently that I discovered my passion for fitness.

About three and a half years ago, after I got out of college, I started working out religiously.  At first it was out of boredom more than anything because there really wasn’t a lot to do outside of work.  But once I started seeing some results, it peaked my interest, and I started researching more about exercise and proper nutrition.

3+ years and 80lbs later, here I am.

It was never really my intent when I started to lose a bunch of weight.  Like I said I was just bored.  But seeing progress and feeling better about myself created a snowball effect, and before long I was hooked!  So when it came time for a career change, becoming a personal trainer seemed like a natural fit.  And with that, Jorden Pagel Fitness was born.

Jorden Pagel Fitness may carry my name, but it isn’t about me. It’s about you! The articles I write, the workouts I share, the coaching…its all for you. I want to help you get the body that you want. I want to give you the tools you need to reach your fitness goals. How you ask? By relying on the three basic principles that any fitness regimen needs: Practical advice, Sustainable programming, and Attainable results.

Practical Advice

The fitness industry is full of misinformation, bad advice, and just plain bullshit. Figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong can be a herculean task, especially for someone with no fitness background who just wants to lose a little weight. Myths are seen as truths, yet have no significant scientific evidence to back them up. Real medical doctors promote bogus weight loss pills and supplements on TV knowing full well that it doesn’t do anything other than put money in their pockets. Scary stuff right?

But that’s where I come in. I will cut through the bullshit for you. It took me a long time before I could figure out who was worth listening to and what was worth reading about. At JPF I will never steer my readers or my clients towards something just for my own gain. I would never recommend a program, product or lifestyle that I have never used, tested or researched myself. I am all about using my experiences to help you reach your goals.

Sustainable Approach

Finding a sustainable approach, be it a nutrition or workout program, is vital to the success of any fitness regimen. After all, if you can’t maintain the program you’re on, eventually you are going to fail. And you can’t have one without the other. A good nutritional plan may help you lose some weight but without a good training program to compliment it, your results are going to be less than optimal. Similarly, you can have the best training plan in the world, but if your diet is not right, you won’t see any results.

A lot of people, through no fault of their own, fall into one of these two categories. They see the next great workout program hyped on TV or in a magazine or they hear how their friends mothers sisters sons babysitter lost 20 lbs in 5 days doing a juice cleanse or no carb or some other nonsense. Restricting yourself to only eating certain foods and completely excluding others, or running five miles a day if you hate running, is not going to help you reach your long term goals if you cant get past the first week of the program because you hate it so much. The bottom line is, the only program that is going to work for you is one that you can stay with for the long haul.

Attainable Results

How often have you seen headlines like “6 Weeks to Flat Abs” or “Get Arnold’s Biceps in One Month”? The industry is polluted with these types of promises yet the results are often impossible to obtain without doing something possibly dangerous to your body. People often get frustrated when they don’t see results immediately, because hey, that’s what the fitness industry is promising them and if they don’t see those results then fitness must not be for them.

The reality is, real results take time…like months and years, not days and weeks. Heck, I’ve been doing this for two years and I still have a little ways to go. Losing 1-2 lbs of body fat per week or gaining 1-2 lbs of lean muscle per month is great progress. But more importantly it is much easier to maintain than someone who loses 20 lbs in two weeks from completely cutting out a food group like carbs but is miserable, weak and tired the whole time. Done right, you can achieve any result you want without having to subject yourself to borderline forms of torture.

I hope after reading this you have gained a better understanding of who I am and what I am trying to achieve here. This site is going to be constantly growing and evolving so I can better serve you and help you achieve your goals. And I hope you find the information provided on this site to be of use to you in some form or another. My inbox is always open should you have questions. And if you want to work with me, check out the information in the coaching section. I would be happy to hear from you, learn about your goals and share with you how I think I could help!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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